Mini Rex - Janice (w/andrea) - Small - Young - Female - Rabbit for sale in Springfield, Massachusetts

Mini Rex - Janice (w/andrea) - Small - Young - Female - Rabbit
WHAT MAKES BUNNIES SUCH GOOD PETS? Well here are our top 5 reasons: 1. Bunnies are very social. Rabbits crave interaction and if they are handled frequently and gently when they are little will always be happy to interact with you. Many rabbit owners tell stories of how their rabbit is very inquisitive and will follow them around to see what they are up to. Older rabbits tend to become even more affectionate and companionable as they age and are often content to spend the evening snuggling beside you. 2. They love to play. Bunnies absolutely LOVE to play, possibly more so than any other animal. It doesn't get much better in life than watching a rabbit play. They hide, run, jump and throw their toys in sheer joy. Bunnies even have a legendary 'jump for joy' called a binkie (or binky) which is where your bunny will jump in the air and twist at the same time. It is amazing to watch and a great sign that your bun is on top of the world. 3. They are easily litter trained. If you've heard they are hard to litter train then you've been mislead! Rabbits are naturally clean animals and provided you work with their natural instincts to keep clean you will have a toilet trained bun in no time. 4. Rabbits form close bonds with their owners. Owners quickly realize that they can become very attached to their bunny in the same way they do with a dog or cat. 5. Bunnies are off the scale when it comes to cuteness. OK, so this one is really logical but who can forgive us for adding it in here. Rabbits are very high on the cute scale. Who can resist the snuggly, calm and inquisitive Holland Lop or the cuter than a bug and softer than velvet Mini Rex? So, if you're looking for a new addition to your family maybe it's time to pass on a puppy or kitten this time and consider making a bunny your new best friend?
Breed: Mini Rex
Size: Small
Petfinder ID:

Pet has been spayed/neutered
Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society, Springfield | Springfield, MA |

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